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Sizcom is one of the head CCTV security and reconnaissance specialist co-ops in Calicut. Fed by the administration perfection in gadgets fixing for over 10 years, Sizcom is currently on the cutting edge of the business to render quality administration in the milieu of security frameworks. Giving security is a truly capable process and subsequently Sizcom realizes how to guarantee greatest security to the clients by giving its master and approved experts to introduce different observation and security gadgets with no bargain with quality. Sizcom utilizes world-class brands of gadgets and our client focused administration and mastery, amalgamated with present day innovation makes living increasingly advantageous and secure.We offer you a wide scope of administrations directly from CCTV camera establishment and overhauling to giving telecom and systems administration to independent ventures. Sizcom gives establishment, fixing and support of fluctuated brands of CCTV cameras and DVRs. Our different administrations incorporate access control framework, home security and computerization framework, and Telecom and systems administration framework. Nowadays building automation in homes or making a smart home is a labour saving process. Automating includes controlling the lighting, heating, ventilation, air condition, security as well as household utensils using remote monitoring via a wifi. Sizcom also provides home automation services for the security of the individuals with customizable alerts, schedules and automations. We have a larger team of professionals to carry out service in a rapid strategy. Contact us to get quick and service.