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A laptop with a defective display is so annoying. Do you face issue with your laptop display? If yes, get it fixed in no time from us. We offer trusted display replacement services for all makes and models of laptops.

iPhone Chip Level Service

Laptop Display Repair

Need a laptop keyboard replacement service in Calicut? Now get it done quickly from Sizcom. We provide you with quicker keyboard replacement services for diverse models of laptops. We select top-quality keyboards for your laptops and fix them within minutes.

iPhone Display Repair

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Does your laptop’s cooling fan fail to run properly? Now get a quick laptop cooling fan repair from the trusted laptop service center in Calicut. We provide you with reliable laptop cooling fan repair services with no decrease in quality.

iPhone Battery Repair

Laptop Cooling Fan Repair

If you are stuck with battery issues in your laptop, Sizcom is here to provide the right solutions for them in Calicut. We replace damaged batteries of all makes and models of laptops with top-quality batteries that deliver consistent power.

iPhone Touch Screen Repair

Laptop Battery Repair

A faulty motherboard is a terrible issue for laptop users. If your laptop requires an immediate motherboard repair, we will do it for you. We address even the most complex motherboard issues with any brand of laptop with great success rate.

iPhone Camera Repair

Laptop Motherboard Repair

Fed up with a faulty trackpad? Keep calm and contact Sizcom to get reliable trackpad repair services for all models of laptops. We diagnose the exact reasons of trackpad defects and provide the apt solutions for them in no time.

iPhone Jack Repair

Laptop Trackpad Repair

Facing issues of insufficient RAM in your laptop? Now get a RAM upgrade for your laptop as easy as a pie. We provide first-grade RAM of various capacities that will run your laptop smoothly. Contact us for an exceptional service.

iPhone Button Repair

Laptop RAM Repair

Physical or logical crashes in hard disks demand an immediate hard disk replacement in laptops. Sizcom provides exceptional laptop hard disk replacement services for all variants of laptops. We select best-quality hard drives for your laptops and fix them in no time.

iPhone Mic Speaker

Laptop Hard Disk Repair

If you are troubled with speaker issues in your laptop, Sizcom is ready to clear them through our finest speaker repair services. We will diagnose the cause of faults through a thorough examination and provide the right solutions for them.

iPhone Data Recovery

Laptop Speaker Repair

Has your laptop’s DVD drive gone defective? Sizcom will provide you with complete solutions for issues with the DVD drive in all laptop brands. We examine the fault, trouble shoot the cause, and fix it rightly as fast as possible.

iPhone Logic Board Repair

Laptop DVD Drive Repair

Your laptop’s hinge got damaged? Don’t panic, we will recover your laptop back to its full glory! Get an easy hinge fabrication or hinge replacement service from us. We provide the right fix using latest tools, executed by dexterous technicians.

iPhone Connector Repair

Laptop Hinges Repair

If your laptop fails to connect to the Wi-Fi, it might be an issue with the Wi-Fi card. We will help you out from this annoying issue by providing a faster Wi-Fi card repair. Visit our center for a quicker service.

iPhone Front Panel Repair

Laptop WiFi Card Repair