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A car works with the mutual collaboration of mechanical as well as electrical units. In such a milieu of collaborated working, the Electronic Control Module (ECM) in a car has got a great importance and without a properly working ECM, your car won’t work better. ECM is basically an embedded system which has got the responsibility to control the electrical systems in a vehicle. It controls one or more of the electrical systems in a vehicle such as door control, engine control, braking control, speed control and many more. A long use of the vehicle will cause wear and tear of the mechanical and electrical parts inside it. A malfunction in any of the components will affect the ECM performance. Sizcom ECM service center calicut, one of the premier electronic devices repairing service providers have come up with versatile service for ECM of vehicles. We have experienced technicians to carry out ECM repairing as well as installation. We carry out software and hardware level services along with second hand ECM sales.

  1. ECM Programing and Installation Calicut

    ECM Programing & Installation

    ECM is an embedded computer inside your vehicle. It consists of a circuit board which is encoded with a software. The ECM circuit board works only with the direction of the program encoded in it. If your ECM stops working due to some issues, then it might require its software program to be re-installed. It is a tedious process and it should be done as soon as possible, unless it will cause the failure of ECM. Sizcom provides you all kinds of software programming services for your vehicles’ ECM. Our expert service engineers will diagnose the fault and program the device according to the type and model of the ECM.

    ECM Chiplevel Repairing Calicut

    ECM Chiplevel Repairing

    The ECM hardware is composed of an electronic circuit board consisting of a microcontroller chip, memory modules and various other electronic components. Prolonged duty may sometimes cause the failure of certain components of the circuit board. In such a case, the ECM stops working and it should be repaired soon. For reliable repairing service, seek assistance from Sizcom, who are very well experienced in electronic device repairing. At Sizcom, we will diagnose the faults and replace the faulty IC and other components with care, for we are very much experienced in all chip level repairing. Now get your ECM hardware finely repaired at Sizcom

    Car Scanning & Diagnostics Service Calicut

    Car Scanning & Diagnostics

    With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to diagnose the problems in the car with a car scanner. Present-day cars exploit ultra-modern technologies and devices. The embedded systems in them use information from computers connected externally to diagnose problems. Sizcom service centre carries out the entire scanning of the vehicle control modules using automotive scan tool, which is an electronic tool used to diagnose and sometimes reprogram vehicle control modules. We provide you with this latest technology at our premises to give you a satisfactory and best in class service. Now get a reliable and cost-effective car scanning for your vehicle from Sizcom.

    Digital Speedometer Service Calicut

    Digital Speedometer Service

    A speedometer is a gauge that measures the speed of a vehicle instantaneously. Have you ever felt the difficulty with an impaired Speedometer of your car? Now get rid of such an annoying situation with the best in class speedometer service from Sizcom service centre. Sizcom, with more than a decade long experience in electronic device repairing has got the best solutions for your car’s faulty speedometer. Our service technicians well-equipped in electronics servicing will help you repair your car’s impaired speedometer. Now vroom your car and know your speed from your powerful speedometer revived at the best place.

    Smart Key Duplication Service Calicut

    Smart Key Duplication

    Imagine the trouble when you lose your car’s key. It is really exasperating! Then the only choice would be to resort to a duplicate key. Now get a digital key for your car from Sizcom service centre. Making a duplicate digital key should be performed by a trained professional in order to ensure that the key will function properly and start your vehicle. Sizcom has got the state-of-the-art facilities and efficient technicians that will digitally duplicate your car key in a secure environment. We assure you that we generate smart keys for any model of car, and we guarantee our work to be of the highest level.