One of the common issue most of the iPhone users face is with the battery. The battery charge drops drastically, to get rid of that issue its advised to put the battery in charge without any interruption. Sometimes you might have put the phone in charge for hours and once you return and check the battery it would be only in 15% to 20% which could be very irritating, this might have happened because the port might not be properly connected, some dirt might have build in the port. Cleaning the port would help you get rid of this issue or the issue can be with the cable , replacing the cable can solve this issue.

Next issue with the battery is that, 90% of the battery would be pending but the phone switches OFF , which could frustrating to the users for that resetting the phone is an option. Even after trying all these tricks if the issue continues then you can bring your phone to iPhone repair center, our team is here to help you sort the issues with your iPhones.