Taking pictures it could be either a normal photo or a selfie, almost all are obsessed with taking pictures and saving them as memories for ever. So all would like to get the best picture, but an unclear picture can make you feel low. The common issues with the iPhone cameras are a blurred image, black screen is being shown when trying to take a picture, flash is stuck , iPhone camera disappears from home screen. Don't panic when you find out that the home screen does not show camera icon. This could a scary experience for some. Try looking in whole of the screen to locate the camera icon. If you cannot find camera app even after the search you should check in restriction on your phone. Sometimes you might have set restriction from others accessing it from your phone or by accidently. To do so follow these steps: General --> Restrictions --> Enter pass code --> Toggle camera ON

The issues with camera can be rectified when you handover your iPhone to iPhone service center. Our expert team is here to sort out issues with any of the iPhone models.