ECM Repair Calicut

A car works with the mutual collaboration of mechanical as well as electrical units. In such a milieu of collaborated working, the Electronic Control Module (ECM) in a car has got a great importance and without a properly working ECM, your car won’t work better. ECM is basically an embedded system which has got the responsibility to control the electrical systems in a vehicle. It controls one or more of the electrical systems in a vehicle such as door control, engine control, braking control, speed control and many more. A long use of the vehicle will cause wear and tear of the mechanical and electrical parts inside it. A malfunction in any of the components will affect the ECM performance.
Sizcom, one of the premier electronic devices repairing service providers have come up with versatile service for ECM of vehicles. We have experienced technicians to carry out ECM repairing as well as installation. We carry out software and hardware level services along with second hand ECM sales.