Windows 10 Blue Screen Crashes

Tactics to solve Windows 10 blue screen crashes issue

Here are some tactics to solve Windows 10 blue screen crashes issue

The Windows 10 blue screen crash is really a nightmare to the users. Technically called the Blue Screen of Death error or stop error, it is a blue screen that pops up when the system gets inflicted with a serious issue consequently leading to the Windows operating to stop working. The blue screen crashes may appear before or after login, while booting or working on Windows 10. These errors are may be due to some issues with the software or hardware. It may arise due to a variety of reasons such as outdated graphics driver, or when you install external hardware devices improperly into your PC, or lack of memory on the drive where you installed the Windows 10 OS, outdated BIOS, or even Viruses or malwares that have crept into your system.

If a blue screen of death error appears on your Computer, don’t get tensed, there are some tactics to be made use of when you encounter such a problem. Let’s have a peep into the various tactics employed to fix Windows 10 blue screen crashes.

Update your PC’s graphics drivers
Most of the users might have encountered blue screen crashes while they upgrade their operating system to Windows 10. When you do such an upgrade, your PC’s hardware drivers become incompatible with the new system. Outdated hardware drivers can cause the blue screen crashes on your Windows 10 operating system. Then you will have to download and update the graphic drivers. For updating drivers you may use reliable driver updating utilities like Driver talent. When you install the best compatible Windows 10 graphics driver to your system, then your system will get revived and will run normally in minutes.

Check the external hardware devices
Some of the external hardware devices you connect into your computer might also be the cause of the appearance of Blue Screen of Death during Windows 10 update. In order to fix the error, try doing the following measures.

• Unplug all external devices.
• Restart your computer.
• If your computer boots successfully, plug the devices back one by one and check which of the devices causes this Blue Screen of Death issue.
• Install updated drivers for the hardware.

Make a wise Virus scan
The Blue Screen of Death error can also be caused by viruses after upgrade to Windows 10. It is recommended that you use latest anti-virus software to scan your system for viruses and then eliminate the viruses and other malwares.

Check for enough free disc space
As it was said earlier, lack of enough free space on the hard disk partition where Windows 10 is to be installed can also be a cause for the blue screen of death error. In such a scenario, you can make use of free partition managers like AOMEI Partition Assistant to resize the partition space where you want to install the OS. You may also delete all unnecessary files free up the disk space

Make your device’s BIOS update
If your computer’s BIOS is old and is not compatible with the new operating system, then it can cause blue screen crashes on Windows 10. So you will have to make a quick BIOS update of the system

Disable fast startup
Experienced users have suggested that you can also try disabling fast startup to solve issues with Windows 10 blue screen crashes. To do this,

• Go to Control Panel, click System and Security, select Power options, and click on Change what the power buttons do.
• Select Change settings that are currently unavailable.
• Uncheck the box next to Turn on fast startup.

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