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Apple Products Repair Kannur

We Apple Service Center in Kannur repair your Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook before it is too late. Our technicians are adept at discerning all problems, be it software or hardware and repair it effectively so as not to disrupt your daily lives. We are the best Apple Service Center in Kannur.. We Apple Service Center in Kannur. undertake microphone repairs, network complaints, scratches/ cracked displays which include screen replacement, power button and volume button repairs, back panel repairs, touchpad repairs, charging port/ headphone jack repairs, charger repairs and also other complex motherboard issues. We Apple Service Center in Kannur. also deal with freezing/ hanging iPhone, iPads, iMacs or MacBooks. We Apple Service Center in Kannur also unlock Apple devices so that you can customize and unlock hidden features of your gadgets. We are the leading apple service center in kannur.We Apple Service Center in Kannur. repair and service all the issues related to apple products in kannur. Sizcom have the best technicians and proffessional, who can handle any major issues related to your apple products like iphone,ipad,imac and macbook.

Apple iPhone Repair Center Kannur

iPhone Repair Kannur

  • iPhone Touch screen and LCD Replacement
  • iPhone Water Damage Repair
  • iPhone Volume Button Replacement
  • iPhone Vibrator Replacement
  • iPhone Mic Replacement
  • iPhone Loudspeaker Replacement

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iPad Service Center Kannur

iPad Repair Kannur

  1. iPad Camera Replacement
  2. iPad Dock Connector Replacement
  3. iPad Battery Replacement
  4. iPad Back Panel Replacement
  5. iPad Home Button Replacement
  6. iPad Power Button Replacement
  7. iPad Touch Screen and LCD Replacement
  8. iPad Water Damage Repair
  9. iPad Volume Button Replacement
  10. iPad Vibrator Replacement
  11. iPad Mic Replacement
  12. iPad Loudspeaker Replacement

Common Issues

iPad Battery Issues, iPad Home Button Issues, iPad Water Damage Issues, iPad Camera Issues, iPad Loudspeaker Issues, iPad Mic Issues, iPad Back Panel Issues, iPad Power Button Issues, iPad Touch Screen Issues, iPad Volume Button Issues, iPad Vibrator Issues, iPad Charging Issues, iPad Overheating Issues, iPad LCD Issues, iPad Dock Connector Issues, iPad Chiplevel Issues, iPad Display Issues, iPad Loudspeaker Issues, iPad Jack Issues, iPad Bluetooth Issues, iPad Network Issues, iPad Power Issues, iPad Activation Issues

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Macbook Air Centre Kannur

Macbook Air Repair Kannur

  1. MacBook Air Logic Board Repairs
  2. MacBook Air Screen Repair & Replacement
  3. MacBook Air HDD Replacement & Data Recovery
  4. MacBook Air Liquid Damage Repairs same day Service
  5. MacBook Air Maintenance
  6. MacBook Air OS Installation
  7. MacBook Air DVD Replacement

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Macbook Pro Center Kannur

Macbook Pro Repair Kannur

  1. MacBook Pro Crack Screen Replacement
  2. MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair
  3. MacBook Pro Water Damage Repair
  4. MacBook Pro HDD Replacement & Data Recovery
  5. MacBook Pro Bottom/ Back Case Replacement
  6. MacBook Pro Keyboard/Keys
  7. MacBook Pro DVD Replacement

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iMac Service Center Kannur

iMac Repair Kannur

  1. iMac Heat up Issues
  2. iMac Screen Replacement
  3. iMac Glass Replacement
  4. iMac Power Supply Repair
  5. iMac Logic Board Vomponent Level Repair
  6. iMac HDD Replacement & Data Recovery

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Mac Mini Service Center Kannur

Mac Mini Repair Kannur

  1. Mac Mini Video Output is Weak or Dark
  2. Mac Mini Wireless Connection is Limited
  3. Mac Mini Screen Replacement
  4. Mac Mini Won't Boot up
  5. Mac Mini Logic Board Repair
  6. Mac Mini Over Heating Problems

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