If you are able to hear people on your phone but the person you are talking to cannot hear you. A mic repair will generally solve this issue. Most of us enjoy music or while having a busy schedule wish to connect your head set and talk. But what if the mic doesn’t work? Nothing more annoying than this can happen. A damaged mic can be replaced and Sizcom will do that for you. We have trained technicians to replace your Samsung mobile phone mic.Soldering is required in case of Samsung s3 and our technicians are experts in that. We do full diagnosis to your phone and verify the problem first. We explain it to you and only after your consent we start replacing or do repair work. Quality is very important and we provide quality repair for your Samsung mobile. If your Samsung mobile mic is not working, don’t worry we are here to help you. Call us or walk in to our store for more details.

A mobile phone without a mic is of no use nowadays. Sizcom is here to assist you with all your technical problems related to your Samsung mobile phones and devices. We ensure efficient and perfect service by repairing or replacing your samsung mobile mic or other spare parts. We offer rapid and cost effective service by talented experts at every nook and corner of your city. Call us or drop us a line for instant services.