MacBook repair center Calicut provide high quality and reliable services in Calicut. We repair, upgrade, replace maintenance services for your Apple products. We are equipped with the most modern technology imposed tools to trouble shoot the issues and diagnose them. The technicians keeps themselves updated as new series in the MacBook are being launched in the market. The most serious issue that can happen to your system is with the motherboard. Our technicians can sort out the chip level servicing and make the system work like a brand new one. The MacBook repair will take more times as the complexity increases. The motherboard (chip level) servicing requires the most complex micro soldering on the board. Motherboard servicing would take more days than any other repairing services. But it is worth the wait, once the servicing is done the system is ready for the perfect use. Our team can help you rectify any issues related to your Apple products.

Motherboard issues and problems are often caused by physical damage, overheating, long working period and liquid spills.Sizcom offer service for all macbook pro versions and parts within no time.Repair,installation and maintenance services are done by apple authorized and skilled technicians.