The battery life is not a consistent one, it varies due to many external features like temperature, usage and even the settings you have made on the MacBook. Extensive multitasking the system can lead to the easy battery drainage. Sometimes certain apps would use the battery very much that too can cause excessive battery draining. Another reason could be the usage of wrong settings. Check if the blue tooth is ON even when you really do not use them, check the screen brightness, keeping the brightness to certain level is better for the system and for your brightness. Choose the Energy saver mode so when the system is not in use for more than a time span it would switched to sleep mode. If you are planning to store the MacBook for few days for months then it's better to store it when the battery is charged with a minimum of 50% battery. When the battery's condition is very poor then it's always advised to replace them. MacBook service center Kozhikode service, repair and replace the parts of the MacBook.

Your Macbook pro battery is designed to retain around 80% of its original charge capacity at 1000 complete charge cycles. Also apple includes battery replacement in the one year warranty service.If you are under the service period your battery can be replaced free.Sizcom ensures prompt service by updated techniques and professionals.