Battery is a consumable item and it will need a replacement at some point of time. There are methods to increase your battery life and with careful handling and use of proper charger we can use it to the maximum but at some point of time a replacement will be needed. Selecting a battery is an important thing as your MacBook Air life will depend on the quality of the battery. Genuine battery must be used.

Sizcom with years of experience in servicing Apple products does Genuine Battery replacements. We have a store for all Apple replacement parts and we choose from the required model and does a replacement. We do same day delivery.

Costly product like MacBook Air should be dealt with care and our Service engineers have years of experience in dealing with the same. We use latest tools and equipment’s for repair. We have batteries for allmodelsof MacBook Air. We do a free diagnosis and decide what exact problem is and it is free of cost. We educate customers about the issue and then proceed with the repair works.

MacBook Air batteries are good enough for 300 complete recharge cycles,which became 500 and now 1000.SizCom ensures the battery you choose to replace or repair is specific to your MacBook Air model and it won’t cost much as apple charges.