Lenovo home button issues are common and the good news is it can be repaired. We repair all such issues and have dealt with such issues before. There can be many reasons for why this happen. It can be even because of liquid damage .If you have screen protector try removing it and make sure it is not preventing your button to press also make sure the sensor is not covered. Try connecting your device to a charger and then restart it .If you do all these and still have issues then don’t wait. Take your mobile to us and we can do the repair for you. We provide quality repair to Lenovo mobile phones and has store with all Lenovo replacement parts. Any problems related to Lenovo home button? We Sizcom support .fixing is easy and you get back a full functioning device back. Our customer support wing is ready to answer your queries, feel free to call or mail us.

Long term, hard and careless usage can make your mobile phone behave wild. Most commonly the home buttons may not work or just fall off due to reckless usage.Sizcom is here to fix your problem. We Sizcom resolve each and every issue regarding your Lenovo mobile phone and spare parts. Make us a call for rapid and satisfied service from our authorized and highly experienced workers.