An overnight charging of new laptop batteries are recommended to reach its maximum rated capacity. Some of the common issues with the battery are : The battery cannot be fully charged in the power-off method, the battery shuts down even before the battery is empty, the battery cannot be charged at all i.e.; there is no power supply to the system when it is not plugged in. The battery life of laptop decreases as time goes on, initially the battery will give a high backup time but as time goes the backup time reduces. Try to visit a repair store to rectify this issue with the battery. Lenovo service center Kozhikode has the most genuine parts for the replacement with warranty. We Lenovo service center Kozhikode can help you easily troubleshoot the issues with the most modern technology used equipments. We also use the best tools to repair them so that even the minute errors can be identified and rectified easily. The engineers are well experienced in clearing all the issues and return back the laptops as a brand new one. Battery issues related to Lenovo laptop models like Lenovo Legion laptops, Lenovo Yoga laptops, Lenovo Ideapad laptops, Lenovo Flex laptops, Lenovo Notebook laptops, Lenovo G Series laptops, Lenovo Thinkpad laptops, Lenovo Chromebook laptops, Lenovo Winbook laptops, Lenovo Essential laptops, Lenovo V Series laptops, Lenovo Lavie laptops, Lenovo Miix laptops, Lenovo Ultrabook laptops, Lenovo Z series laptops, Lenovo X Series laptops, etc... are serviced and repaired by Sizcom Lenovo laptop repair center kozhikode.

Lenovo laptops and devices will be provided proper and complete repair and replacement services by Sizcom for most feasible amount. We Lenovo service center Kozhikode assure you with a faster strategy of servicing by a team of skilled and experienced experts. Even though Lenovo now comes with battery with stronger life, there is chance of malfunctions due to long duration usage. There are chances for the battery to get overheated and bulge out making damage to the alloy of the system. It is better to take care of the battery before it gets weak.

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