Water damages are likely to happen. An accidental slip of water on to your phone or a direct fall of your HTC mobile in to water can cause damage to your phone. If you are lucky enough it can just be minor issues or it can cause severe damage to your phone. Most of the repair centers do not repair it stating several reasons but we repair it however bad the damage is.There are high success rate in recovering your damaged phone along with recovering your lost data. There are chances that your important data might be lost but it can be recovered. We Sizcom use special devices and chemicals to repair.

Sometimes the water damage might cause replacement of LCD screen, mic or battery but our team will trouble shoot the issue first and advice on what is needed before proceeding further.

We have a dedicated team with years of experience in dealing with similar issues and we try our best to resolve even the most complicated damage caused. If you find your HTC phone is damaged bring it to us or callus to know more.

It is common your mobile phone comes across a stage when you accidentally spill water on it. In almost all cases mobile phones fail to work as it was previously. Sizcom provides you instant repair or replacement whenever required. We Sizcom are always reliable for servicing any of your HTC mobile model whatsoever the issue is. Our trained and proficient workers will take utmost care of your device within less time.