If you find your HTC screen broken due to an accidental fall from your pocket don’t panic.Sizcom with years of experience in servicing HTC mobile phones are there to help. Not only a broken screen indicate problem it can be something else like a blank display or scratched screen. We replace your HTC screen and give a fresh new look to your phone.

Replacing a screen has to be done carefully and our technicians are experts in servicing it to perfection. We have latest equipment’s and tools to perform repair works. When you find your screen is cracked you need to layer packing tape on it thus preventing further damage and hazards. Bring it to us and we use special tools to separate the screen from the device. Close attention should be there so that you may not loose other parts like volume button and our team know well how to carefully take care of your device. Reassembling is also equally important. We provide Screen Replacement for All oldest and latest models of HTC Mobile phones.

If your brand new HTC mobile screen or LCD is broken or damaged you don’t need to panic. Sizcom is one of the reliable source of replacing and repairing service center. You can experience faster and systematic service by highly talented and experienced workers. We Sizcom offer prompt service within small period of time. Contact us to enjoy instant and better servicing anywhere in your city.