Sizcom has a store for all HTC replacement parts and accessories. We do battery replacement for all models of HTC mobile phones. Choosing the right battery is very important and unsafe battery and usage can even cause severe damage not only to the device but also to the person using it.

We have a team of trained technicians who will select the accurate battery needed for your device and replace it .We make sure the device works well after replacement of battery.

Battery should be brought from a trusted Centre and we are people recommended trusted service Centre for HTC mobile servicing. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we do our best to help our customers fix their issues related to any model of HTC mobile phone. If you face any issues with your battery or thinking of a new battery you may call us or walk in to our store for fast and quality replacement.

Sizcom service offers all sorts of repairing and replacement service for HTC mobile phone models. We fix almost every problem regarding your HTC device. A group of proficient and trained people are allocated to diagnose and consult problems at every corner of the city. We prefer faster and cost effective service within limited period of time. Call us to experience instant service.