Double Up The Protection Of Your Computer

Double Up The Protection Of Your Computer With This Trick

Double Up The Protection Of Your Computer With This Trick

No, this neither includes buying fancy anti-virus software nor typing in a lot of gibberish command prompt commands. Yes, this is for the average user who can easily leverage the capabilities some of the not-so familiar Windows settings.

The answer is simple. Create a limited user account for yourself. Use that limited account for all your daily computer activities, including internet and office tasks. This should also be applied to other accounts created, if any. You administrator account should only be used for administrative tasks. This method withstands or limits most kind of malware infections such as viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and so on.

How Limited Accounts Guard You Against Malware
You may not be able to immediately install, modify or delete software. But this is exactly how limited accounts shield you against intruders. Since a limited account is devoid of administrator privileges, account-segregation ensures that no software can install, update or remove itself or other executable software.

When malware tries to inject itself on a limited account, they can only affect the user’s files, folders or user-specific applications. When compared to the breach on OS and its settings, had the attack occurred on an administrator account, this is somewhat a small price to pay.

The most recent Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report from British security firm Avecto, released in February 2017, stated that 93 percent of Windows 10 vulnerabilities could be mitigated by removing admin rights … including 100 percent of the vulnerabilities affecting the latest browser, Edge.

This same mode of operation can be followed on the Mac too. MAC antivirus maker Intego also recommends using limited or “standard” accounts on Mac as MAC OS works along similar lines.

< style="text-align:justify;"p>Limited Accounts weren’t popular once. But that’s not the case now.
We have seen that many users aren’t aware or bothered about limited accounts since they think that limited accounts are for children or guest users.

Another reason would be the issues faced by users while they used limited account on the earlier version of Windows. Since most application assumed that it’s being installed on accounts with admin rights, they performed poorly on limited accounts. Limited account users also had to switch to an administrator account when it encountered processes that require authorization, all in while making it a cumbersome process.

With the advent of Microsoft’s User Account Control, the whole process is smoother. Software developers were required to give maximum functionality to limited accounts, and if administrator authorization was needed, one only needs to type in the administrator account’s username and password in the popup that appeared.

But remember that using a limited account will not stop social-engineering attacks that persuade you into giving up sensitive information such as passwords to emails and accounts.

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