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One of the common issues with the Dell Laptops is repeatedly turning ON and OFF of the laptop. This could be really annoying when you are doing some urgent works on your laptops. The laptop turn ON and without any displays and turns OFF like that. And this process repeats. This is caused mainly due to the motherboard failure, you should try reseating or replacing the memory and still there is no change then you can assume that the motherboard has failed. Next issue that is found in the Dell laptops is that the laptops creates noise while running. Don't panic when you turn ON the laptop and it starts creating an unusual sound but it functions properly. It could be probably coming from the cooling fan or hard drive. If the laptops fan doesn't spin then the sound will come , and it's probably due to the hard disk. All you could do is back up the data's to some external memory disk and replace the hard disk. If you could hear the sound again then it could be due to the fan.

Dell Service center Kannur comes up with great servicing thus attaining more and more satisfied customers, which enables us to gain many new customers. Our dell service center kannur expert team can make your issues handle easily and can sort the issues fast. Genuine spare parts are used to replace the damaged parts.