Be careful to while you keep your coffee mug or a glass of water near your laptop the chances to accidental spilling is very high. If at all the water is spilled on your precious laptop, unplug all the attached cables from the laptop and press the power button until it turns off. If you don't do this then we are sure then you can never use the laptop as before. To avoid this spilling of water in future its preferred in investing in a silicone or clear plastic keyboard cover, a waterproof laptop skin for the whole laptop cases is also recommended. Then put on a waterproof laptop screen protector. You can give an extra care from rain by putting your laptop in a good waterproof laptop bag. And keep the ventilation for the laptop also else it might another issues. Any issues to your laptops related to water damages are being repaired by Asus service center Kozhikode. They provide high quality well satisfied services to the customer.

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