The average battery life of an Asus laptop is 400 recharges, after that the capacity to hold the charge would decrease. Initially the laptop would last for long time later on it would drop to 1 to2 hours and then it would work only after plugging in to the power socket. If you plug in the laptop and use from the time you buy them then the battery life would be lessening at that time itself. So to extend the battery. Try using the genuine battery while replacing them else the whole system itself could be under damage. Asus repair center Kozhikode will provide you with the genuine battery spare parts for your laptop, and enable you to extend the life of your laptop and make them use for you for a longer time. If your battery need not be replaced then our team can help you by servicing the battery and use them for some more time. The customer support system can help you understand the issue and tell you the options available to solve the issues.

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