You are doing an important presentation on your Acer laptop and suddenly your system would be restarting all by itself, We Acer Service center Calicut know how annoying this thing could be for you. The presentation will be lost when not saved. The reason behind the unexpected restarts are plenty including corrupted drivers, faulty hardware, virus attack on the system. It is very difficult to find out which has gone wrong. Many have reported this issue after the installation of Windows 10 update. After this being a common issue many remedies have come up too. First one among that is by disabling the automatic restart feature, this will temporarily stop the auto restart. Secondly it is done by deleting the bad registry files, which is highly risk since it is a highly sensitive database. A misplacement of comma itself can create a big damage. Else you can try to update the drivers, the outdated drivers can cause the system to get stuck in the reboot loop. Sometimes this could be due to the hardware issues. Lastly it could be because of the viruses or malware, installing an Anti- malware can rectify this issue.Any issues related to the Acer laptops can be solved by the Acer Service center Calicut

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