Laptops are being part of every ones day to day life. The technology has overtaken all, so a small problem itself could be quite frustrating. What if the system gets frozen while using it. There are many reasons why the system gets hanged but three are the most common reason behind it. First one is because of the physical issues. The system freezes when its overheated. It could be due to the dust being build in the system or excessive continuous usage of the system. The second reason for the hanging is insufficient memory. The limited RAM space can affect the efficiency and the performance. The third and the final cause is the software problem. Whatever the cause may be immediately close the frozen program. The X on the top right corner may sometimes work, else choose to close through the task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+Shift+Esc. Even after trying all these issues if this is not rectified do not hesitate to walk-in to Acer Service center Kozhikode.

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