Smart Tips To Solve Acer Laptop Common Issues

Some Smart Tips to solve Acer Laptop Common Issues

Some Smart Tips to solve Acer Laptop Common Issues

Acer is a Taiwanese brand founded in 1975.They used to sell electronic parts. They were distributors of electronic parts. They produced Micro-Professor MPF-I training kit, then two Apple II clones; the Microprocessor II and III before joining the emerging IBM PC compatible market, thus becoming a significant PC 1998 they reorganized into five groups. Acer had a significant growth by 2003 and revenue rose.

Acer is known as common man’s laptop and they are also specialized in gaming laptops. There are different variants of Acer laptops including Ultra-thin, Convertible, detachable, chrome book and classic.

1. Laptop Heating up :
Heating up of laptops can occur any time and this can be because of several reasons. Overheating laptops can cause several other damages to your fixing the problem right away can save your laptop from other damages.

First of all make sure to take a backup of your data.
This will help in case your data or important documents are lost during the repair process.

Check Air Flow:-
Check your laptop and make sure there is enough Air flow .the heat air from fan must go out and proper flow should be there to balance the heat. Check for the ventilators and make sure it is not blocked.

Clean Fan:-
Cleaning the fan will also help. Clean the fan which provides cooling to processor and graphic card.There can be dirt or dust especially if it’s an old laptop .in such a case you will need to open the laptop and clean. Use spirit to clean it and you can use cotton to wipe dust. You can even use vacuum cleaner but must be extra careful.
Thermal grease can be added in between the heat sink and processor.

Always try to keep laptop on hard and flat surface:-
Since the ventilators are often underneath make sure not to use it from uneven surfaces like on a pillow or your lap that obstruct air flow. Keep laptop on a flat surface.

2. Screen related issues with Acer :
There are often display related issues such as stretched images or blank screen. An error in the configuration might be the cause of a stretched image. The solution to this is to get the configuration correct. A wrongly installed graphics card can also cause this problem.The most common or widely reported issue is the black screen. A burnt LCD panel will be in most of the case the reason for this, in such a case the whole LCD panel should be replaced. This can also be caused because of virus this case a virus removal will sole the issue.

3. Laptop not turning on :
There are instances when suddenly your acer laptop does not turn on. This might be because of your laptops inability to hold charge. Usually by keeping laptop plugged in with charger will fix the issue. If this does not help then take out the charging cable, remove the battery from laptop then press and hold the power button for 30 sec.Plug in the charger and then put back the battery.

The above listed problems are common and if you are unable to resolve it by your own it is always advisable to contact a professional.Sizcom has years of experience servicing Acer Laptops. We acer service center calicut have solution to any minute or complicated problems you face with Acer or any branded laptops. Our acer la Service engineers are experienced and certified. We use most modern tools to repair. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we offer fast and reliable repair service. Contact us to know more.