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Laptop Service Center Calicut

One Stop Solution For Laptop Repair and Service in Calicut

laptop Repair Center Calicut

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Best laptop repair service center in calicut,kozhikode

Laptop Repair Calicut

Laptop Repair Center Kozhikode

One Stop Solution For Laptop Repair and Service in Calicut

Laptop Service Center Kozhikode

About Sizcom

Sizcom Laptop and Mobile service center is one of the leading laptop service center Calicut and the chief mobile service centre in Calicut. Sizcom’s Apple service center Calicut has got modern facilities to repair all kinds of Apple products. Our ventures in laptop service in Calicut are committed to provide robust security and best laptop service to your laptop from any issues. Our iPhone service center Calicut is well furnished with state-of-the-art facilities and updated knowledge in latest technology to service all kinds of iPhones with the utmost reliability and perfection. However meticulously built, all electronic gadgets are vulnerable to faults and issues. If your laptop doesn’t work the way it should be, you may easily get assistance from SizCom The Laptop Experts Laptop service centre kozhikode because we are most trusted Laptop service center in calicut. Sizcom Macbook service center calicut is right there to help you fix Macbook laptop issues. Sizcom Laptop service center calicut does not allow to let your hope's down from saving your laptop from any serious problems in your laptop. Sizcom Laptop service center in calicut city is the most advanced technical and expert Laptop repair center in Kozhikode. Mobile phones have nowadays become our partners and if faults with them upset you, just seek our help and avail the best of mobile repair services in Calicut. Any help you wish to get for your laptop and macbook can be recieved from Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut and Apple Macbook service center Calicut. At all our centres, Sizcom have full-fledged and skilled service technicians ready to find solutions to any of your device defects. Walk into our Laptop service centres in kozhikode and experience the change in your laptop from Sizcom Laptop service center calicut.Sizcom laptop service center calicut ensure you the best service for your laptops and mobiles at affordable price.

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Our Special Service

Sizcom offers you all kinds of laptop repair and service in calicut, kannur and mobile repair center Calicut and Kannur. We Sizcom laptop service center calicut and kannur, Apple repair center Calicut and Kannur deal with all kinds of software and hardware damages, degradation, corruption and viruses or malware in all apple products suzch as iPhone, Macbook, iMac, iPad. As one of the leading laptop service center in Calicut, Sizcom offers cost-effective and quick repair services for diverse laptop models of world-class brands including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc. With our proficient technicians in laptop service centre calicut, kannur and Apple service center Kozhikode who have years of training and experience in each and every field, your products are as good as new. Sizcom Laptop service center calicut carry out reliable services for all your laptop issues and Sizcom Apple service centre calicut ensure you that you leave our center with satisfaction of all the Apple products. It could be certain peoples dream to own an apple product, but the chances of having a damage cannot be neglected. We laptop service center calicut, Apple service centre calicut provide services for your laptop products & Apple products with great care. Sizcom's Laptop service provided by our best technical team is the most preferred laptop service in calicut. Sizcom Laptop service in Kozhikode include top level chiplevel services, keyboard, mouse, water damage issues. Sizcom Laptop service center kozhikode can fix any issues and problems found in your laptop. Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut has got high percentage of resolving laptop issues. Sizcom Laptop Service Center Kozhikode is a totally trusted hardware repairing center, we provide best service solutions to customers at our Laptop service center in calicut. Our technical advantages make Sizcom Laptop service center calicut, one of the best Laptop service center in Kozhikode. Any probablity for saving your Macbook is taken by Sizcom Apple Macbook service center in Kozhikode. As the Sizcom Apple Macbook repair center is the leading Macbook service center in calicut, we never dissatisfies our customers. Laptop issues cannot be taken easily so its best you bring your Laptop to Sizcom laptop service center in Calicut. Enhance your laptop’s performance with Laptop service center in Calicut and enjoy using your laptop more than ever!

Apple Service Center Calicut

Apple Service

There are very few authorized dealers for the Apple products, we Sizcom Apple service center in Calicut and Kannur provides you with the best Apple servicing and repairing in Kozhikode with genuine spare parts. Our team can help you to repair and restore your Apple iPhone, Macbook, iPad, iMac. Sizcom Apple service center calicut undertakes any kind of software and hardware repairs and resolve it at the earliest. Our Macbook Service center in Calicut and Kannur provides you with the most reliable and timely servicing for your personal Macbook. Sizcom Apple Service center Kannur and Calicut provides you with the most reliable and timely servicing for all your Apple products. Sizcom Apple repair center calicut also unlock Apple devices so that you can customize and unlock hidden features of your gadgets. If you have any problem with your Macbook please contact us we are the best Macbook service center in Calicut. Sizcom Apple repair center Kozhikode undertake microphone repairs, network complaints, scratches/ cracked displays which include screen replacement, power button and volume button repairs, back panel repairs, touchpad repairs, charging port/headphone jack repairs, charger repairs and also other complex motherboard issues of your iPhone. Any issue within Macbook is accepted by Sizcom Macbook service center calicut Sizcom is the top 10 Apple iPhone service center in Kerala.

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Laptop Service Center Calicut

Laptop Service

Laptop service center calicut, kannur main aim is to have satisfied customers for the best services for laptops we provide to them. Sizcom Laptop service center calicut team of technicians and customer relation staffs plays a vital role in achieving this aim. Customers trust and satisfaction signifies our hard work and reliability. Sizcom Laptop service center kannur, kozhikode helps to service your damaged laptop effectively. We Laptop service center in calicut deal with all kinds of repair issues on every laptops like logic board repair, hard disc, memory upgradation, hinge repair, water damage repair, adapter, battery, keyboard, USB repairs, etc. We Sizcom Laptop service center calicut, kannur provide quick, quality and relaible service at affordable cost. Sizcom Laptop service center calicut provides replacement for parts like speaker, touch pad, Wi-Fi card, webcam, charging connector, touch screen and LCD, CD drive, etc. is also done for various brands of laptops. Sizcom Laptop repair center calicut is the most reliable Laptop service center in calicut by most of the people. Sizcom Laptop service center kozhikode is the leading source for almost all laptop brands and maintenance services in Kerala. We Sizcom Laptop service center calicut repair laptop brands like Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba etc in Sizcom the leading and exceptional Laptop service center calicut.

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HP Service center calicut

Gaming Laptop Service

Gaming PCs differ from normal laptops by having more powerful CPU and GPU with extra RAM and storage because games tend to be very demanding of hardware resources. If you are in need of getting a gaming laptop service in Calicut, we are here to serve you. Sizcom laptop service center is a premier service center that is specialized in repairing a wide range of laptops. We are experts in carrying out chip level repairs for all sorts of laptops. If you find that your gaming PC is showing severe problems which require expert assistance to solve, you can confidently choose our adept service. We offer a varied range of services like memory up gradation, mother board repair, BIOS programming, keyboard replacement, laptop screen replacement, laptop hinges repair,battery replacement, track pad repair and replacement and many more. We provide extensive repair services for your gaming laptops that are made by popular companies like HP, Intel, Origin, MSI, Lenovo, Alienware, etc.Sizcom laptop service center Calicut is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that include latest tools and imported machineries, for your high-end laptops. We are backed by a team of efficient and qualified team of technicians who are well-versed at every kind of repair services. We offer services ranging from trouble shooting of minor issues to the extent of complex chip level repairs with a great deal of success rate. Get top services for Gaming laptop services from the experts.

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laptop Service Center Calicut

Mobile Service

Sizcom Mobile phone service center in Calicut and Kannur has years of experience in servicing different brands of mobile phones. Sizcom Mobile Phone service center calicut have the best team with great experience who keeps on updating themselves as new models of mobiles come in the market. Many use their phone as a treasure still the chances for having any damage is not negligible, that is when Sizcom smartphone service center kozhikode come into light Sizcom Mobile Phone service center kozhikode has got the best technicians to repair and service your favourite smartphones. Our Mobile service center Calicut provides the high quality Mobile repair service in Calicut and Kannur with original spare parts.
Most of the peoples day start with mobile phones, and most of the activities are connected with your mobile phone. So if anything happens to your mobile the day to day life is off tracked. So we Mobile service center Calicut, kannur provide fast repair, you needn't wait for weeks to get back your phone. We Sizcom Smartphone service center repair and service all branded smartphone in calicut and kannur. Sizcom Mobile repair center Calicut team has expertise in servicing even a fully damaged phone. Visit Sizcom Mobile Phone service centers in Calicut and Kannur and get your mobile serviced with the expert team. Whatever be the issues in your favourite mobilephone, We Sizcom mobile service center calicut is there to fix any issues that persist in your mobilephone.

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Laptop service center calicut

Why We Are Best

For us you "The customer" is king. We Laptop service center Calicut and Apple service center Calicut know how important your laptop and mobile phone especially iPhone are for your day-to-day activities. An impaired laptop or a damaged mobile phone can hinder your daily activities and make you feel left out of the digital world. We Sizcom Laptop service centre kozhikode, Apple service center calicut have expert technicians who can solve any major issues with repair laptop, mobile and Apple products. Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut, Kannur and Apple service center Calicut deliver the best quality, relaible and quick service to our customers. Coming to Sizcom Laptop service center calicut will be the best choice for those are struggling with laptop issues. Trust is what made Sizcom the exceptional Laptop and Apple service center in whole Kozhikode. We Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut, Kannur and Apple service center calicut consider replacement, only if absolutely necessary for laptops as well as Macbook's. Sizcom laptop service centre in Calicut offers you services including laptop screen replacement, keyboard replacement, laptop hinges repair, BIOS programming, memory upgradation, mother board repair, battery replacement and track pad repair and replacement. Replacements at Sizcom Laptop and Apple service centre Kozhikode are carried out with high quality components and spare parts that come with warranty. Sizcom Macbook service center calicut has the exceptional technical tactics to fix issues and problems in Apple Macbook laptops. Finding the best solutions for solving the problems in your laptop is the best speciality of Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut . Our Laptop service center calicut, kannur and Apple service center calicut, Kannur specialties include:


Once the diagnosis is done next Sizcom proceed to repair your gadget. When our experts know the exact issue they will repair it with less time but with great precision. Sizcom have solutions for all the issues related to your Mobile, Laptop, Apple products.


Another advantage you have when you bring your damaged gadgets to us is that we assure you with the guaranteed genuine spare parts & accessories. Sizcom Laptop service center calicut and Mobile service center calicut uses the latest technology machines to diagnose your phone / Laptop.


laptop Repair Center Calicut


Customer support team is efficient enough to answer the queries that you have longing to ask. Sizcom provide best servicing and repairing in the affordable way with genuine parts replaced if needed to solve the issue on your damaged Apple product, laptop, mobile.


Sizcom expert service engineers in calicut are well experienced and also keeps themselves updated on all kind of updation happening in the industry thus enabling them to service any kind of issues that will damage your mobile / Laptop / Apple products in use.

Macbook Laptop Repair Center Kozhikode

Our laptop and mobile repairing service over the years have gained us a unique identity not only in the Laptop and Mobile repair industry but also on the minds of our customers. The amount of referrals and our increasing customer base is a sign of Sizcom customer loyalty.

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Sizcom laptop service centre calicut is the pioneer Toshiba laptop repair, Asus laptop service, Dell laptop service center, HP service center, Acer service center in kozhikode. Find the perfect solutions is the path followed by expert technicians at Sizcom Laptop service center calicut. Laptop service center calicut experts are updated with new technologies so they handle with all major issues with your laptop. Laptop service center calicut provide quick & reliable service for Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba laptops.

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Sizcom deploy products and components only after thorough testing so as to ensure that they meet the quality requirements. As a result, your damaged devices are repaired and restored to a condition that is as good as new. Customers are given warranty on replaced components and can call our customer support for any further assistance.

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Sizcom Service


Sizcom Apple service center Calicut is the top Apple iPhone repair center Calicut. We Apple service centre Calciut repair all Apple product such as iPhone, iPad, iMac and Macbook. In iPhone service Sizcom kozhikode offer warranty for spares.

Apple iPhone Service Center Kozhikode

Sizcom is the Macbook service specialist in calicut, kannur. Sizcom Apple Macbook service center calicut repair and service all the issues with your Apple Macbook in Calicut and Kannur.

Apple Macbook Service Center Calicut
One Plus

Sizcom is the best Oneplus service center in calicut. Oneplus repair center calicut repair and service all the problems with Oneplus mobile in calicut,Kannur. OnePlus service center kozhikode provide quick & relaible service in Calicut.

Oneplus service center calicut
Dell Laptop

Laptop repair center calicut is the no:1 dell service center in Calicut, Kannur. We laptop service center kozhikode repair and service all the issues with dell laptop in Calicut, Kannur. Laptop service center calicut provide 24X7 customer support.

dell service center calicut

Laptop service center calicut is the leading asus repair center in Calicut, Kannur. We laptop repair center calicut have expert technicians to solve all the issues with asus laptop in Calicut.

asus service center

Sizcom is the best Apple service center Calicut and we provide iPad repair, iPhone repair, macbook repair. We offer best Apple repair in all apple products in Calicut. We offer best services more than authorized service center.

Apple service center Calicut

Laptop service center calicut is the pioneer acer service center in Calicut, Kannur. We laptop service center calicut repair and service all the issues with acer laptop in Calicut. Laptop service center calicut repair all branded laptop.

acer service center
Asus TUF A15

Sizcom is the No.1 gaming laptop service center in Calicut. Our Services are cpu service, gpu service, graphics card service, keyboard service in Calicut.

asus laptop services calicut

Common Issues

laptop service center kozhikode

Laptop Chip Level Service calicut

apple macbook service center calicut

Apple Charging Port Repair calicut

laptop service center calicut

Adapter Replacement calicut

apple service centre calicut

Apple Mic Replacement calicut

laptop repair centre calicut

Keyboard Replacement calicut

apple service center kozhikode

iPhone Camera Issues calicut

apple iphone service center kozhikode

Software Issues calicut

macbook service centre kozhikode

Macbook Screen calicut

dell laptop service center calicut

Laptop Speaker Problems calicut

laptop touchpad service center calicut

Touchpad Problems calicut

iPhone Battery Service Center Kozhikode

iPhone Battery Issues calicut

laptop service centre kozhikode

Laptop Screen Broken calicut

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can avail first-rate AC adaptors for all kinds of laptops from leading Laptop service centers in Calicut. You can choose the compatible adaptor for your laptop from there.

Laptop service centers choose the best out of top-quality displays to fix laptop screens. So, you can go to a center with confidence, to make a laptop display replacement.

Yes. Different service centers across the city are well-equipped with all kinds of software-level services for all brands of laptops.

Of Course. Excellent keyboard replacement services are provided by most of the Laptop service centers in Calicut. It is just a matter of minutes for them.

The issue may be with the track pad driver software or sometimes the track pad hardware. Reinstalling the trackpad driver software may fix the issue. If not, a repair of the trackpad strip is necessary or if the problem is severe, then trackpad replacement is the final choice. If you are in need of trackpad repair, why not seek assistance from Sizcom, one of the best Laptop service center Kozhikode

If the laptop is not turning on in spite of constant efforts, then it needs to be properly repaired from a service center. At another instance, if you find that the laptop turns on but it fails to boot, the problem is likely to be with the software. A software re-installation is required to fix the issue. OS installation is carried out by dexterous technicians at laptop service centers

Sometimes, you can’t see the hard disk activity indicator light blinking. This indicates that the hard disk is not detected. Such problems may be due to faults with the BIOS or the Hard disk. It can also be due to some error in the mother board. Take your device to an expert service center to get a right solution for it.

Such problems may arise due to various reasons like problems with the RAM, or a defective display, or even the board issues. For all kinds of display related issues, Laptop service center Calicut offers dexterous services for you at a faster pace

You need not worry about it. If you have broken the laptop hinge, then a hinge replacement is necessary. If it is only a minor damage then a fabrication is required to enough to fix it right. We, Laptop service center Kozhikode, are well-set with the right tools and skills to give excellent hinge replacement and fabrication services for you.

Laptop service centers provide warranty for most of the spare parts replaced, but not for all kinds of spare parts. Selected types of spare parts are given warranty and you can enquire about it at the specific service center you choose.

Laptop keyboards may get non-functional due to short circuits in the keyboard. A keyboard replacement can fix the issue in general. If the problem is not with the keyboard, then the problem might be with the motherboard. Whatever be the cause, if you need finest keyboard repair services, you are most welcome to Sizcom, one of the best laptop service centers in Calicut

The role of the fan inside the laptop is to cool the CPU. If some dust clogs the vent or the fan malfunctions, it results in a laptop overheating problem. Prolonged overheating is hazardous to the internal components and it should be fixed as soon as possible.

If the laptop is too slow, then there may be virus issue and installing anti-virus software is a solution. If the sluggishness persists, unwanted files and programs need to be deleted and a final solution is the OS change. Expert technicians at Laptop service centers are equipped with the right facilities and they will provide appropriate solutions for the problems

The reason for the issue may or may not be with the speaker. If there is no audio output available from the laptop ports, then the problem is with the board. Or else, the speaker has gone defective and a speaker replacement is enough to fix the issue. If you are troubled with speaker issues, walk in to Sizcom, one of the leading Laptop service center Kozhikode

Blue screen problem arise mainly due to a poorly programmed driver or issues with the hardware. With the assistance of a professional repair center, it’s easy to fix the issue

Flickering display can be due to reasons like loose connections with the display strip or OS problems. A scrupulous diagnosis can reveal the exact reason behind. If you desire for a scrupulous diagnosis and issue fixation for flickering display, Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut is a choicest destination

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Sushitha S

The service I received from Sizcom was really great. They helped me to sort out an issue with my laptop. My laptop didn’t show any sign of life when power is switched ON. They changed the chipset and now I can use it like before. Really happy to choose The best Toshiba service center in Calicut

laptop repair center in Calicut

Daya C K

One of the best laptop service centers in Calicut, They have provided the best service for my Acer laptop. They have replaced the parts with world-class genuine parts and provide quality repairing and services. I would go back to them if I have any issues with my laptop in future also I recommend them.

laptop service center in Calicut

Lulu Shireen

My laptop kept on shutting down unexpectedly. I went to many service centers but the problem kept repeating. Finally it was resolved from Sizcom Laptop Service center. They are the best in laptop service center in Calicut. Thank you Sizcom.

laptop repair center in kozhikode

Dr Divya Menon

Quick service, reasonable pricing. Dey repair all brands of laptops, located ideally next to Big Bazaar

laptop service center in kozhikode

Jamshadh JMA

My phone battery was draining, I had to travel all around carrying a power bank. Later when I consulted the technicians in SizCom Calicut, they advised me to replace the battery. As soon as the replacement is done the great change could be noticed. I needn't charge or plug in to power bank while travelling. All thanks to the team.

laptop service calicut